Morlacco del Grappa

Morlacco del Grappa

Murlak, Murlaco, Burlacco or Morlacco were the names used throughout the ages to indicate a cows’ milk cheese produced in the area of the Grappa plateau. Herdsmen and woodsmen, who settled on the Grappa during the period of the republic of Venice, used to make a soft, low-fat, raw milk cheese which took its name from their native region in the Balkans: Morlakia. The milk used to make the cheese came from the Burlina cows, the only autochthonous breed in the Veneto, which today is in serious danger of extinction. These black and white cows are small, hardy and suited to the sparse pasturelands of the Grappa area.

Morlacco is cylindrical in shape, with convex sides of a height of 5-10cm, diameter of 30-50 cm and weight of 4-10 Kg. The paste is soft and pure white in colour, pitted with small, but clearly visible holes. The variability of its organoleptic characteristics, very intense and aromatic, is due to the richness and variety of the pastures in the Grappa area. The cheese is made up in the summer mountain pastures with milk from the evening milking (with the cream skimmed off when it floats to the top) added to the full-fat milk from the morning milking.

Production area
Monte Grappa Massif
Semi-skimmed raw cows’ milk
Maximum 5 months
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