Welcome to the Road of Cheese and Flavors of the Belluno Dolomites

The “construction” of the Cheese Route is aimed at optimizing cheese-making and dairy production in the Belluno area, by creating a synergy with establishments in the food and restaurant sector in order to place the accent on the links between the local area and what it produces. These days stock-raising differs greatly from how it was conducted in the past, and is experiencing a period of difficulty due to problems which derive from the process of globalization of markets and lead to relentless competition with producers operating in countries where the land and climate are much more favourable. Hence the need to find new ways of according added value to our local cheese and dairy products, by emphasising the close connection between the products, the local area and the consumer.  The most important synergy remains, however, between producers and restaurateurs and the capacity of the latter to help the consumer appreciate just how unique our products are, by serving them on their own or as ingredients of traditional local country fare.

The aim of the project is to present the public with a detailed selection of cheeses from the Belluno Dolomites, pointing out the characteristics and qualities of each variety so that the consumer may choose an top-quality product, deeply rooted in the cheese making and dairy tradition of the province.

The booklet aims to give a complete, comprehensive overview of the cheese and dairy products the Belluno Dolomites have to offer the consumer.

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