Organic Cansiglio


Cylindrical in shape, with a diameter of 30-35 cm and a weight of 5-6 kg. Pale straw-yellow in colour, darkening to very pale hazelnut as the cheese matures. Elastic and close-textured. Imperceptible holes. Classified as a semi-fat cheese. Three varieties are available:
fresco (fresh), mezzano (medium) and stagionato (mature). Smooth, uniform rind, with some uneven parts, white in colour, tending towards straw-yellow.
The fresh variety has a sweet, pungent flavour, which gains in piquancy as the cheese matures. Intense aroma. This cheese, the local tradition of which goes back a long way, is made with milk from cows which have been fed for six months on fresh fodder from the pastures. The name derives from the area where it is produced by the Farmhouse Cheese-Making Centre on the plateau of Tambre, Spert and Cansiglio.

Production area
Cansiglio area
Full-fat cows’ milk
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