Grandma's polenta recipe


For the polenta: 1litre of water, salt to taste, yellow and white polenta flour
For the cheese sauce: ¼ litre cooking cream, smoked ricotta to taste,
300gr of fresh Padola and Costalta cheeses, chives
Time required: about an hour

Prepare a soft polenta. Separately, melt the cheeses and mix them with the cream. Cook the mixture over a low heat.
Once the cream is smooth and hot, pour it onto a serving dish. With a spoon dipped in milk, form gnocchi with the polenta and place the gnocchi on the cream in a flower shape. Sprinkle with grated smoked ricotta (or thigar if available) and chives. Serve with melted malga butter, lightly browned.

Ideal served with a Traminer aromatic wine

Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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