Civetta - Agordino Basin - Val di Zoldo

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Around the slopes of Monte Civetta there are a number of important tourist resorts: the Val di Zoldo, the Val Fiorentina and a part of the Agordino area. With a huge range of attractions and events to offer, the Val di Zoldo is a friendly, welcoming area with a long, deeply-rooted history as a tourist resort. Going up from the village of Dont towards the Duran Pass, near the hamlet of Chiesa, a little road on the right will take you on to the first stage on our route, Malga Grava, where the genuine produce and the superbly beautiful landscape are well worth stopping to admire and to enjoy. Go back down the valley, and from Dont, go up along the carriage road which crosses the whole of the valley and over the Staulanza Pass. Before you is the magnificent spectacle of Monte Pelmo, which we recommend you admire from a range of different angles as you descend. You are now in the area of the Val Fiorentina, along the road which leads to Selva di Cadore, and, after a short distance, to the Milchof Agostini. In this area there is a little church you might like to visit, at Santa Fosca, at the entrance to the village on the left. Milchof Agostini is situated just after the village of Selva, at the start of the Giau Pass - the most spectacular in the Dolomites – which will take you to Cortina, 28km away. From here to the Belvedere viewpoint in the municipality of Colle Santa Lucia, you can stop practically anywhere to admire the vertical rock wall of the Civetta. Go down to the village of Caprile, where it will be difficult to resist the temptation to stop off at La Montanina Hotel and sample the typical dishes made with local cheeses on the sunny outside terrace before moving on towards Alleghe Lake, of natural origin, 4km further down the valley. As you continue on towards the marvellous Agordino Basin, just before the town of Agordo, you can buy local malga dairy products from the shop of the Agordino Vallata Dairy Cooperative in the village of Toccol, on the main road, about one kilometre from the town centre.

Places to visit


Parish Church of San Biagio
Parish Church of San Bartolomeo in Caprile
Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie

San Tomaso Agordino
Church of Celat
“Emigranti” Provincial Astronomy Centre


Selva di Cadore
Church of Santa Fosca
“Vittorino Cazzetta” Civic Museum, where you can see the remains of “Mondeval Man”

Colle Santa Lucia
Parish Church of Santa Lucia
“Cèsa de Jan” (1612), headquarters of the Ladin History Institute
Belvedere viewpoint


Forno di Zoldo
Church of San Floriano with the “Altare delle Anime” (Altar of Souls) by Brustolon
Iron and Nail Museum in Palazzo del Capitanato in Forno
Fornesighe: ancient village famous for its wooden masks

Zoldo Alto
Church of San Tiziano in Goima
Goima Valley Ethnographical Museum
Fossilized dinosaur footprints at the foot of the Pelmetto
Parish Church of Mareson with the “Altare della Croce” (Altar of the Cross) and the “Altar Maggiore” (Major Altar)

Zoppè di Cadore
Parish Church of S. Anna, with a painting attributed to Titian
“Al Pojat” Ethnographical Museum

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