Cadore Auronzo Misurina


This is an area which offers both splendid natural landscapes and important, deeply-rooted art and cultural traditions. Here, you will find some of the most spectacular nature, some of the most beautiful corners in the Dolomites, but also some priceless art treasures, which attract crowds of visitors to the most attractive towns and villages in the area. In Pieve di Cadore, the birthplace of the great Tiziano Vecellio (Titian), you can visit the house where the artist was born, perfectly conserved. Just after Calalzo, which you can reach by train, you will find the famous archaeological area of Lagole, with hot springs dating back to Roman times. Near the centre, just minutes from the station, the Ferrovia Hotel is the first stage on our voyage of discovery into the world of local cheeses. From Calalzo, move through the Centro Cadore area on to Lorenzago di Cadore. Many of you will know Lorenzago as the place where Pope John Paul II used to spend his summer holidays, but you will find that the town reserves a number of other pleasant surprises for the visitor. Along the road which leads to the Mauria Pass, you might like to stop off at La Pineta bar, pizzeria and restaurant and sample some of the fine dishes on the menu. Continue on to Auronzo di Cadore, a wonderful little town on the banks of Santa Caterina Lake, where you can try delicious local recipes at La Nuova Montanina restaurant. Finally, go up the valley once more; after the delightful area of Palus San Marco, you will come to Misurina, where this unforgettable route comes to an end in the magical setting of the Malga Misurina.

Places to visit

Auronzo di Cadore
· Multi-theme Museum
· War Museum
· Somadida Ecology Centre
· Monte Piana
· Open-air History Museum
· Little Church of the Madonna delle Grazie and Santa Caterina, Parish Church of Santa Giustina
· Somadida Oriented Nature Reserve

Pieve di Cadore
· Palazzo della Magnifica Comunità building: Archeological Museum and Museum of the Risorgimento
· House where Titian was born
· Eyewear Museum (over 2000 pieces from the Middle Ages until the present day)
· Archdeacon’s Church of S. Maria Nascente
· Church of Cristo Crocifisso in Valcalda (14th century)
· Church of Sant’Andrea in Damos, with frescoes from the Vecellio school
· Fortifications on Monte Ricco, Col Vaccher, Tranego, Castello Battery.

Calalzo di Cadore
· Archaeological site of Lagole and hot springs
· Pile Waterfall in the Val d’Oten
· Church of S. Giacomo and Sant’Anna, Church of S. Giovanni, Church of S. Biagio with 14th century belltower and 4 doors painted by Orazio Vecellio, son of Titian, Church of the Madonna del Caravaggio (1822)
· “Pino del Favero” Permanent Collection

Domegge di Cadore
· Valmassoni House
· Parish Church of San Giorgio (1861-65)
· Church of the Madonna della Molinà
· Little Gothic Church of San Leonardo in Grea (1430)

Lorenzago di Cadore
· Parish Church (18th century)
· Tremonti House (16th century)
· Palazzo ex Mainardi
· Mirabello Castle
· Church of the Madonna with altar-step from 1525

Lozzo di Cadore
· Col Vidal Fort in Pian dei Buoi
· Churches of San Loreto (on the ancient Roman road) and San Rocco
· Tita Poa botanic path and Roggia dei Mulini irrigation ditch along the Rin Brook
· Dairy Museum

Perarolo di Cadore
· Palazzo Lazzaris, Costantini and Timber Museum
· Valmontina Wilderness Area

Vigo di Cadore
· Historical Library of the Cadore
· Church of S. Orsola, Church of S. Margherita di Salagona in Laggio

Valle di Cadore
· Church of S. Martino, Borgata Costa and ancient Roman road


Auronzo di Cadore
Via Roma, 10
Tel. 0435 9359
Fax 0435 400161

Calalzo di Cadore
Via Stazione 37
Tel. 0435 32348
Fax. 0435 517225

Pieve di Cadore
Via Nazionale, 45
Tel. 0435 31644
Fax. 0435 31645

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