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Al Borgo restaurant is located in a splendid setting on the left side of thePiave River, with superb views over the city of Belluno. It is housed in an 18th century villa, nestling in the countryside of the Val Belluna, encircled by the first peaks of the Dolomites. In summer, banquets and parties may be held in the large garden in front of the villa.
Our menu is a reflection of the landscape which surrounds the restaurant. There is a wide range of dishes made as far as possible with local, organic produce; you will find typical Veneto-region recipes and local Belluno specialities: locally-produced salami and ham cured on the premises, alpine cheeses, which can be eaten either fresh or cooked, accompanied by what was for generations the staple food of the local people: polenta made with maize flour, traditional herbs such as hops or dandelion, mushrooms, potatoes, maize, beans (this area is the home of the famous Lamon variety) and delicious meats such as kid or local lamb.

Head office
Via Ancoretta, 8 - 32100 Belluno
0437 926755
0437 926411
Open season
Opening times
10.00-14.00 18.30-22.30
Closed on
Monday evening and Tuesday
Catering (no. of places)
  • Company to reach by car
  • Administration of food and drink
  • Administration of snacks and drinks
  • Retail sales of local products
  • Pay with credit cards or debit cards
  • Nature walks
Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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