Frontin Dairy

Frontin DairyFrontin Dairy

The Frontin dairy dates back tothe 5th of June 1930, when it began life as a rotational dairy; it did not become a cooperative until 1988. Today it has around 10 members, and around 16 quintals of milk a day are collected directly from the surrounding farms to be made into butter and cheese. Our products, natural, genuine and healthy, are still made according to traditional methods. Products can be purcased from the dairy every morning except Thursdays and Sundays, and on Wednesday afternoons. On Friday and Saturday fresh mascarpone is sold.

List of cheeses and dairy products or flavors
  • Full-fat and low-fat dairy chesses, matured for varying periods
  • Pramaor (a soft cheese made with full-cream milk)
  • Fior delle Dolomiti
  • Frontinella
  • Pianezze
  • Caciotta
  • Spiced Caciotta
  • Formaggio dolce latte
  • Pressed cheese
  • Melere cheese (for grilling)
  • Schiz
  • Ricotta
  • Butter
  • Mascarpone
Head office
Via Frontin, 64 - 323028 Trichiana (BL)
0437 555166
0437 555166
Open season
Opening times
08.30 - 12.30
Closed on
Thursday - Sunday
  • Company to reach by car
  • Administration of snacks and drinks
  • Retail sales of local products
  • Disabled access
Last Modified: 13/12/2011
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