Camolino dairy


The Camolino dairy is located in the neighbourhood of Camolino, in themunicipality of Sospirolo. To reach the dairy from Belluno, cross the bridge over the Cordevole Torrent at the village of Mas, and then continue on the left for about three kilometres. After the hamlet of Gron, cross the bridge over the Mis Torrent and turn right. After a few hundred metres you will come to the large square in front of the dairy, on the left of the road. Next to the part of the dairy where the cheese is made you will find the shop where you can buy typical dairy products of the area, as well as a number of other local delicacies such as Sospirolo honey, codinzon (a kind of dried apples), jams and fruit juices.

List of cheeses and dairy products or flavors
  • Fresh Casel;
  • Medium-mature Casel;
  • Mature Casel ;
  • Camolino;
  • Quadrato square cheese;
  • Pressato pressed cheese;
  • Fresh Caciotta;
  • Fresh Caciotta with wild fennel;
  • Fresh Caciotta with thyme;
  • Fresh Caciotta with walnuts;
  • Fresh Caciotta with chilli pepper
  • Fresh Caciotta with chives
  • Fresh and smoked ricotta
  • Tondo round cheese
  • Schiz
  • Butter
Head office
Via Camolino, 131 - Sospirolo
0437 89228
Open season
Opening times
8.00-12.00 - 16.30-18.30
Closed on
Wednesday afternoon
  • Company to reach by car
  • Retail sales of local products
Last Modified: 13/12/2011
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