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There are three buildings which make up the malga complex: the cattle shed, where the cows are milked; the dairy, where the cheese is produced and matured, and the agritourist restaurant and accommodation. Built in the traditional style of the old casera, or shepherd’s shelter, there are five guest rooms on the first floor, while on the ground floor there is a little room for snacks and a larger dining room for meals. The building is made of wood, with large windows looking out over the Val Belluna, the Alpago area and the Dolomites. The malga is surrounded by fields, pastureland and by the extraordinary Cansiglio Forest. Salami, speck and pancetta (bacon) are also made here, and the house specialities are venison with polenta and the typical local pagot lamb, bred in small numbers on the farm itself.

List of cheeses and dairy products
  • Belluno malga cheese, fresh and mature
  • Fresh, spiced and smoked ricotta
  • Schiz
Head office
Loc. Mezzomiglio, Farra d’Alpago, 41
348 1435114
0437 46551
Open season
From May to September
Opening times
8.00 - 22.00
N° beds
Catering (no. of places)
  • Company to reach by car
  • Accommodation options
  • Administration of food and drink
  • Administration of snacks and drinks
  • Retail sales of local products
  • Nature walks
Last Modified: 13/12/2011
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