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The malga is on the slopes of the Moiazza group and can be reached along a good cartroad which departs from the road from Dont to the Duran Pass: after the neighbourhood of Chiesa, turn right and go on until you reach the malga, which is spread out over about 44 hectares of pastureland, grazed by 40-50 head of cattle and about 150 goats. There are numerous wonderful nature trails to walk along in the surrounding area. You can also reach the malga from the Agordino area, by going up the opposite side of the Duran Pass through the municipality of La Valle Agordina.

List of cheeses and dairy products
  • Malga cheese made from cow’s milk
  • Malga cheese made from a mixture of cow and goat’s milk
  • Caciotta
  • Fresh and smoked ricotta made from cow’s milk
  • Goat’s milk ricotta
Head office
Via Noach - La Grava Zoldo Alto (BL)
328 1820869
Open season
01/06 - 30/09
  • Company to reach by car
  • Nature walks
Last Modified: 13/12/2011
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