The name derives from Zumelle Castle, a fortress dating back to Roman times overlooking the Valbelluna in the municipality of Mel, situated along the route of the Via Claudia Augusta which, in Roman times, linked Altino, in the province of Venice, with Augusta, the present- day Augsburg in Bavaria. The castle, extremely well preserved, hosts cultural events and has a restaurant. It is has a particular charm on account of its position, discreet yet clearly visible from everywhere in the Val Belluna.

Zumelle cheese has a cylindrical shape, with a height of 7-9 cm, diameter of 30-34 cm and weight per uncut piece of 6-7 Kg. The rind is white, tending towards straw yellow in colour and the paste is white, pitted with a large number of small holes. It has a delicate flavour and an intense aroma.
The milk used is from Bruna and Bruno Alpina breeds of cows, which are particularly robust and able to withstand the significant temperature differences in mountain areas, and are fed on fodder with a complex variety of aromas.

Production area
Province of Belluno
Raw cows’ milk
20 - 30 days
Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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