At one time this cheese was produced in a vast area which went from the Val Pusteria, to the Val d’Isarco to the Belluno Dolomites. Its name may date back to Celtic times (from tsigros=cheese), or perhaps more simply from the German Ziege, or goat. It is produced by the Genzianella Farming Cooperative in Padola di Comelico Superiore and the Cooperative Dairy in Livinallongo del Col di Lana.

Zigher has an irregular cone, or pear shape, and weighs between 300 g and 1 kg. The paste is soft, greyish-white or yellowish in colour and has an extremely fragrant aroma. It has no rind, but is covered by a thin film which is off-white in colour, tending towards pink. It is classified as a light cheese with a piquant taste. When the curd has been completely drained of whey it is mixed with salt, pepper and chives, hence the characteristic piquant flavour.

Production area
Comelico Superiore and Alto Agordino areas
Skimmed cows’ milk. Buttermilk curd, left over from butter making
Maximum 2 months
Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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