La Tosella cheese is traditionally made in a very similar way to the more famous Schìz, well known throughout the province of Belluno. It is a specific product of our malghe (alpine dairy huts); it was originally eaten only by the mountain dairy herdsmen who used to put aside a small portion of the curd of the more highly regarded malga cheese (which they could sell), in order to guarantee their daily survival. Today La Tosella is highly appreciated, like Schìz, as a genuine, traditionally produced mountain dairy cheese. It is produced and can be enjoyed when the livestock graze up on the mountain pastures, from May to September.

La Tosella is a fresh, soft cheese which should be eaten as soon as possible after production. It has a fine, pure white colour and may be salted to taste just before eating. It can be enjoyed grilled or in breadcrumbs, or roasted in the oven, accompanied by a bottle of fine Prosecco in front of an open fire.

Production area
The western part of the province of Belluno and the seven municipalities of the Asiago plateau (Vicenza)
Full-fat and semi-skimmed cows’ milk
Best eaten immediately
Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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