Malga Bellunese

Malga Bellunese

The Malga (mountain dairy huts) and the Malghesi (dairy herdsmen) are archetypical figures of the economy of Belluno. Cattle are regularly driven up to the high mountain pastures where the finest herbs and flowers grow. These mountain dairy huts are scattered throughout the whole province. It is worth mentioning two of them, in a particularly noteworthy position: Malga delle Vette Grandi, in the Feltrino area, where, at the beginning of the summer, you can see one of the biggest and most spectacular displays of flowers in bloom in the whole of the alpine area; and Malga Ombretta, in the shadow of the overhanging south face of the Marmolada. All of the huts are accessible, and all of them sell their produce.

Malga Bellunese cheese is cylindrical in shape, with slightly convex sides of a height of 5-10cm, diameter of 25-40 cm and weight of 4-7 Kg. The paste is close-textured, flaky when mature, slightly pitted with small, irregular holes. It varies in colour from straw-yellow to deep yellow. It has a full, marked flavour, becoming more intense and aromatic as it ages.
The variability of its organoleptic characteristics is due to the particular diet of the cows in the high-altitude pastures, where there is an extremely wide variety of vegetables and flowers.

Production area
Mountain dairy huts in the Pre-Alps and the Belluno Dolomites
Full-fat or semi-skimmed cows’ milk
From 2 months to more than 8 months
Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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