Latteria di Sappada

Latteria Di Sappada

Sappada, which lends its name to this cheese of ancient origin, is situated in an open, sun-kissed valley alongside the beginning of the Piave river, surrounded by lush, green pastures covered in flowers. It was originally called simply Latteria (dairy) because it used to be produced in the old latterie turnarie (rotational dairies); “di Sappada” was later added to reflect the particular nature of the pastures and the exclusive techniques used to produce it.

Latteria di Sappada is cylindrical in shape, with a height 6-8cm, diameter of 30-32cm and weight of 5-7 Kg. It has a clean, smooth rind. The paste is semi-hard, straw-yellow in colour, pitted with small, uniform holes. It is classified as a soft, semi-fat cheese, and has a pleasant, fragrant, sweet, clean flavour and a marked aroma, with a hint of hay and flowers, which becomes more intense as the cheese ages.

Production area
Municipality of Sappada
up to a year or more
Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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