The name derives from the mountain range of the same name, a large part of which lies in the province of Belluno. The area is rich in pastureland, and livestock are still driven up to the summer mountain pastures to feed upon a variety of fragrant local grass, herbs and flowers. The cheese was first produced in the 1960s with the name of Nostrano (our own), because it was made locally and was common throughout the Dolomites. It took on its current name in the 1980s.

Today Dolomiti cheese is cylindrical in shape, with a height of 7-9cm, diameter of 30-34 cm and weight of 6-7Kg. The paste is white, smooth but not creamy, with a pleasant, intense flavour. It is pitted with a few small holes, and the rind is soft and pale in colour. It is classified as a semi-cooked, soft, semi-mature latteria (dairy) cheese and is reminiscent of the cheese produced in the first cooperative dairies in the valley communities.

Production area
Province of Belluno
Raw cows’ milk
25 - 60 days
Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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