The name comes from the municipality of Cesiomaggiore, in the south of the province of Belluno, which lies between the Sas de Mura crags and the bed of the Piave river. Here we can find the cheese factory which first produced the cheese at the beginning of the 1970s; it is still open today, and carries on the tradition of the old cooperative society, using high-tech equipment. Today the cheese is produced with milk collected throughout the province of Belluno.

It is cylindrical in shape, with a height of 8 cm and a diameter of 32cm. It is white in colour, without holes or cracks, and a characteristic, pleasant, intense flavour. It becomes fully mature after 40/45 days. The milk used comes mainly from Bruna and Bruno Alpina cows bred on the summer mountain pastures and thus fed on fodder containing a large quantity of flowers.
It is an excellent table cheese and can also be used as an ingredient for fillings or for melting cheese recipes.

Production area
Province of Belluno
Full-fat cows’ milk
20 - 45 days
Last Modified: 14/12/2011
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