This cheese was first produced in the 1970s under the name of Mastella (the local dialect word for “milk bucket”). From the 1980s it has been known as Busche; the name derives from the place where it is made, in the municipality of Cesiomaggiore, at the foot of the Vette Feltrine (Feltre Peaks), alongside the Piave river, in an area of extraordinary environmental variety.

Busche cheese is cylindrical in shape, with a height of 7-9cm, diameter of 30-34 cm and weight of 7–9 Kg. The paste is white in colour, smooth and creamy, with a sweet taste. It is pitted with a few, unevenly scattered holes. The rind is soft and pale in colour. The paste is semi-cooked, semi-hard and semi-mature, and it is classified as a latteria (dairy) type of cheese; it is reminiscent of the cheeses produced by the first latterie turnarie (rotational dairy systems) set up in the Feltrino area by the cooperative societies in the numerous Caséi (dairies) scattered throughout the local area.

Production area
Province of Belluno
Full-fat cows’ milk
15 to 20 days
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