Bastardo del Grappa


Its history runs parallel to the history of Morlacco cheese.
The name derives from the fact that Bastardo is produced when the milk, for chronological or environmental reasons, cannot be made into Morlacco.
It is produced in the numerous mountain dairy huts which can be found at work in the summer in the Grappa area, situated amid pastures, little valleys and extraordinarily beautiful walking paths. The variety of herbs and flowers in the area bring out the flavour of Bastardo as the cheese ages.

Bastardo is cylindrical in shape, with slightly convex sides of a height of 5-10cm, diameter of 25-40cm and weight of 4-7 Kg. It is close-textured when fresh and flaky when mature, dark yellow in colour and unevely pitted with holes. The rind is uneven, varying in colour, but usually tending towards deep yellow. It has a marked, full flavour, which intensifies as the cheese matures, and a characteristic aromatic scent, with a strong note of wild herbs.
It is a semi-fat table cheese and should be eaten between 60 and 90 days. The taste improves notably as it matures.

Production area
Monte Grappa Massif
Semi-skimmed cows’ milk
2 months to more than 12 months
Last Modified: 12/12/2011
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