Organic Latteria Alpago


Cylindrical in shape, with a diameter of 30 cm and a weight of 5 kg. Pale, straw-yellow in colour, pitted with a small number of small holes, smooth consistency. Classified as a semi-fat cheese. Smooth, uniform rind, with some uneven parts, white in colour, tending towards straw-yellow.
Sweet, creamy, milky flavour, with an almondy aftertaste when the maturation process is complete. Fresh aroma with grassy and floral notes.
The name derives from the area where the milk is produced, the Alpago, where it is made into cheese in the Farmhouse Cheese-Making Centre on the plateau of Tambre, Spert and Cansiglio.

Production area
Alpago and Cansiglio
Cows’ milk
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