Agordino di malga


Our tour to discover the finest cheeses Belluno has to offer comes to a fitting end with a visit to one of the many malghe (mountain dairy huts) to be found in the Agordino area, which stretches from the Marmolada to the Pale di San Martino and the Civetta Moiazza mountain group. Here, the Slow Food organization has identified a product worthy of particular care and attention: Agordino di malga cheese, which has been added to the list of products to be afforded special protection and support through the system of Slow Food Presidia.
Amid these famous peaks, summer pasturing is now carried out intensively, thus guaranteeing continuity of production and quality which render this cheese unmistakable. In these high mountain pastures, the Brune and Pezzate Rosse cows graze on a wide variety of grass and flowers, which can later be perceived in the cheese in the form of highly prestigious flavours and aromas. The local dairy herdsmen sell the cheese directly and exclusively, both in the summer up in the mountain pastures, when the product is still fresh, and afterwards down in the valley, where the cheese matures and takes on more intense flavours; when it ages even further it is a fine accompaniment to polenta roasted over an open fire and a glass of good red wine in pleasant company.

It has a cylindrical shape, with slightly convex sides of a height of 5-8 cm, a diameter of 25-35 cm and a weight of 3-4 Kg. The paste is close-textured, crumbly when very mature ; the colour varies from straw-yellow to darker yellow, and the holes present are often unevenly distributed. The rind is uneven and varies in colour. The flavour is full and marked, intense when mature, sometimes with a smoky aftertaste.

Production area
Agordino area, Biois Valley
Semi-skimmed cows’ milk
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