Cylindrical in shape, with a height of 6-7cm, diameter of 30 cm and a weight of 5 kg.
Pale straw-yellow in colour, consistency somewhere between soft and semi-hard, irregularly pitted with small holes. When it is very mature the paste becomes crumbly. Classified as a semi-fat cheese. Can be eaten fresco (matured for 30-50 days) or mezzano (70-90days). Slightly uneven rind, pale, slightly yellowish in colour. Sweet, smooth, milky taste with creamy undertones, slightly, pleasantly acidic; aftertaste of hazelnut. Clean, markedly milky, creamy aroma in the fresh variety and marked, slightly piquant aroma in the more mature variety. The name derives from the Gresal stream, which flows near the Sedico Dairy Cooperative where it is produced.

Production area
Full-fat cows’ milk
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